My NYC Club Experience: Last Call At 4am And No Big Bouncers In Sight

I have always found New York to be one of the fascinating places in the world. This eclectic city with different people and a mix of cultures is one cosmopolitan city you’d want to go back to. By nighttime, New York changes in landscape, the sight, sound and motion is almost as crazy for those who want to party all night.

But night life is a different story. I went across the bridge down to East River, and my feet took me to Brooklyn. This is a more down to earth fun. No bottle service or ladies in waiting to fill your glass in a jiffy. This is your shot of whisky type in no time.

Last Call at 4am and No Big Bouncers in Sight

I went dancing to a couple of the Brooklyn night clubs. This is a new watering hole for Brooklyn nights and tourist alike. I was awestruck as I entered this Output club in Williamsburg. This 452-capacity club with electro wave music blasting in my ear. I was surprised that it wasn’t just people from Brooklyn who was flocking the club, but New Yorkers as well. The Williamsburg block was alight with flash of colors, and its only 11pm! The club opened at 10:30 and I can already see the trendiest party goers falling in line.

Club Output in Brooklyn

I entered the Output club, and there was no hassle at the door. The bouncer’s didn’t care about how I dressed, and so does everyone else. I was welcomed by electrifying electro wave music, with the dance floor looking like an upscale arena. There were throngs of people dancing, and I joined them squeezed in the middle. The sound was incredible; the space and lights were incredible and the DJ sure gave us a great time with those electrifying music. Output club is for the communal club experience. People don’t come to show, or strut their status around. People come here to have fun, dance, drink, and blend in with the coolest party goers in town.

What’s on The Rub?

The best hip hop party is in Brooklyn, and when I got down to the dance floor, I was just having the best night of my life. There will be no standing around here because the music will pull you to the dance floor. The people are chilling, and they are just having a good time. Talk about a classic hip hop party that never disappoints. The upstairs floor was packed with people dancing to their groove. I hit the bar, and well it never disappointed me either. Their drinks were priced well, no bottle service, and people don’t have to pretend or something. There were a lot of good looking people around, and there was no aggressiveness either. Sure, I saw some guys took off their shirt once in a while, only because the dance floor is too hot to handle.

Ibiza Lounge in the Bronx

I hit the Bronx nightclubs to get a feel of the place, and my first stop was Ibiza Lounge at 220 West 242nd St. The lounge was relatively small, but I dressed a little bit upscale, and the doorman let me in swiftly. I paid like 20 dollars for the cover, and that was just reasonable. Their bar is huge for the place; it’s probably a place for drinking and chilling out because the dance floor was a little small. Pack in around 5,000 people there, and you have rubbing bodies all over. The music was mostly Latin, with some techno and hip hop mixed in the middle. I spent around 30 dollars for three drinks, which is not really bad. I had some shots of tequila and hit the dance floor with some Latina ladies. I danced until my feet ached and my body throbbed, and by the time I got out, it was 4am!

I was ready to mingle so I went to a club called Mingles. Their security is a little bit tighter here, but that was fine. I wonder if it was because the crowd is a little bit on the mature side. I saw the ladies being coat checked. Now what is that all about? The place was pretty huge, with mirrors all over the place. The Bronx isn’t really an upscale place, but the place was more accommodating. The music was a little laid back with some reggae, hip hop, R&B, and some pop music thrown somewhere. My friends recommended their rum punch, and it kicked my adrenaline as soon as the alcohol set in. In fairness, their bartenders know how to mix really well, and I give them credit for that.

Overall, my Brooklyn and the Bronx nightclub experience were different. You get into NYC nightlife & nightclubs New York NY, and the atmosphere is totally different. It is probably the mix of music, people, drinks, and the feel of being alive in the city that never sleeps.

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